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Abberley Hall School has flourished in its fine Victorian surroundings for almost a century, and this has been due to the promotion of excellence and good governance. However, Abberley has no endowment and is dependent upon school fees to fund its operation. It is clear that, while the business is successful and runs very well, the school’s future requirements will make difficult demands upon its existing resources. For this reason, the Abberley Hall Foundation has been formed and its aim is to raise funds to support a number of specific charitable objectives:

  • Conservation of the House and Grounds
  • Bursaries
  • Future Developments

The Board of Trustees of the Abberley Hall Foundation, led by Rhoddy Swire (OA), brings a mix of talents to the table. Some members have a long association with the School, others have a particular skill or interest relevant to the Foundation’s objectives. They have been successful in organising a fund-raising campaign which has enabled them to initiate practical measures to help the School. Conservation work has been commissioned to tackle some of the deterioration of the decorative interior of the house, and a small bursarial fund has been established which will hopefully grow over time to be of real benefit to families who find themselves in difficulty.

For further information about Abberley Hall and The Abberley Hall Foundation, including details of how to contact us or to make a donation, please email