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Monday, 17 June 2019

Camping & canoeing weekend

8th - 9th June 2019

The Abberley children took our Shanghai visitors off to a campsite near Hay-on-Wye. Some of us ate in School while we waited for a minibus to return from Bristol. Everyone else had a BBQ supper at Llanigon. The children juggled, played football, skipped, danced and made their tents cosy. They had a hot chocolate before the sun went down and then they went straight off to sleep. The night was short but largely uneventful. Early risers were up at 4.45 but hunkered down for a little bit longer. A complex logistical operation unfolded on Sunday with the aim of ensuring that every child spent half the day walking and half the day canoeing downstream with the current behind them. The first group of 10 canoes, 23 children, 3 instructors and 3 members of staff set off from Glasbury at around 09:30. It had been raining hard for the previous two days and levels had been closely monitored but conditions were deemed to be just right. Lewis’ boat capsized and there were a few other near misses, but everyone made it to Hay for lunch. Meanwhile, the walkers had bitten off more than they could chew and so Mr Richardson used the minibus to rescue them from somewhere on the Forest Road. Kit and Mr Carlisle kindly met us with brownies and flapjacks while Mr & Mrs BT brought over flasks of hot chocolate. Everyone swapped in the afternoon so the walkers canoed to Whitney-on-Wye while the canoeists walked back to camp and packed everything away. We returned to Abberley in time for tea. 

M Raven 

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