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Thursday, 11 October 2018

100CS - Chalet Trip - Day 10

After the usual breakfast we had a really fun French lesson with Muriel. We then packed our bags for Italy ready for a road trip and beautiful walk.
 Setting off we were all excited and continued to ask how long till we were in Italy. But this was soon smashed when we were told that we weren't actually going to Italy. Instead we were going for a boring trip to an old fort from WWII. When we arrived everyone was so hungry that we had lunch straight away. It was baguettes with spreadable cheese and ham  which is simple but yummy. 

Walking into this 'boring' tour we soon discover a whole new world. It was in fact an old fort but not just any fort, it had a high ropes course inside it! This instantly got everyone extremely excited. 

The whole afternoon was packed with swinging, climbing, jumping and zip lining through the 5 different levels of difficulty. Everyone did an amazing job at pushing boundaries and trying as hard as they could. We all finished on a 300m zip line!!  It was huge and really scary to start with but so much fun once we got going. 
This was by far one of the funniest days at the chalet! We all had a ball.

By Meadow, Poppy and Archie

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