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Friday, 12 October 2018

100CS - Chalet Trip - Day 11

After the usual morning routines we all grabbed our wallets and loaded up in the minibus. Heading off to super U we were all extremely excited. The first stop was to the cheese shop where we all tried some of the yummiest cheese ever. After everyone who had wanted to bought their cheese we jumped back in the bus and headed for the best destination. 
Arriving at super U we split into groups so that Emma wasn't with any of the party planners. (It was her birthday celebration for the last afternoon) The party planners loaded up on all the essentials for a fun time, while everyone else decided it was time to get as many sweets as possible. 
Heading back for a quick lunch of burgers and chips we were ready to head to the lake. The lake was for a fun afternoon of games and of course cake. We played games ranging from capture the flag too stone skimming. To finish off at the lake we started the chalets got talent show. This was incredible with talent of all shapes and sizes being showcased.
We got back to the chalet and packed our suitcases before sitting down for a yummy dinner of crepes both savoury and sweet. This was followed by a little more acts for the talent show. After which we had a little bit of dancing outside to Mr Borschmanns music before it was time for bed. 
What a relaxing and enjoyable last day we all had.
By 100cs

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