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Thursday, 11 October 2018

100CS - Chalet Trip - Day 9

In the morning we had the usual breakfast followed by the usual French lesson. After this we went to the park for about 40 minutes where the usual football rivalries flared. Almost every game is boys vs girls and today was no different. We both battled hard and well with it ending in a draw. This tired us out enough that lunch sounded like a great idea so we headed off for some pasta.
After lunch we all went for a cycle ride minus Luca who felt sick and Lexi who didn't feel comfortable riding. With the main group we grabbed our bikes and headed off up river. The first stop along the way was an outdoor fitness area. So we all started playing around on all the equipment. We then moved onto the bike track in the trees. This didn't fare so well for Mr Borschmann who managed to completely buckle his front wheel on the first mound. This didn't stop the ride however and he continued on with a bent tire. The ride back was loads of fun because it was all downhill so we coasted most of the way. 
We (Lexi and Luca) started by relaxing but after Luca and his miraculous recovery we headed off for a walk to try every apple from every tree we could find and play at the park. Luca managed to hit his head but apart from that we came back with all our limbs intact. Once back we decided it would be great fun to have a movie trailer marathon with tea and biscuits while waiting for the others to come back.  
Once everyone was back we had some frog legs for dinner and headed off to bed because we were all exhausted. 
By Alejandra, Joe and Lexi

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