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Thursday, 18 October 2018

100L - Chalet trip - Day 1

Oh what thrills await us at the chalet!?!

This morning we were all bursting with excitement as we met up with the rest of our form at Abberley to say goodbye to our parents and set off for the chalet; hopefully leaving the overcast and rainy English weather behind... 
After a long drive we arrived at Liverpool airport, checking in for our flight before tucking into lunch; sandwiches and snacks did the trick to sate our appetites, for now at least. 
We were then just about to go through security when Madame Parker realised she had lost her wallet! Miss Salazar and her both had a mini panic as Mme Parker made some phone calls to try and find it. We were running a little bit late already, so we had to leave for security. Luckily, the security line was quite short and we made it through with enough time for the all important Starbucks! But more importantly, Mme Parker found her wallet while we were going through security, (it was in a 'secret' pocket in her rucksack) and this meant she could go and buy herself a much-needed coffee. 
Soon enough, we were on our way to the boarding gate and sitting down in our comfy seats ready to fly to Geneva. Before we knew it, we were up in the sky, amongst the clouds and looking out of our windows. Hector pointed out that we were about to cross the English Channel and it was awesome to see the land meeting the sea. Next came the city of Paris and not long after that we were getting ready to land... I guess they were right when they say 'time flies when you are having fun'. 
Once we collected our bags, we met Monsieur Thomas at the airport, lots of us remember him from our last chalet trip, but for Holly, Cecily, Hector and Moyo this was their first time at the chalet. We were all ready to jump in the minibus and head out for France, but since there was so many of us (16!), we had to wait a little while for Mme Parker to collect the car so she could also drive us. 
After a short drive to Annecy, we stopped next to the lake and had our yummy picnic lunch of baguettes with rillettes or cheese to the backdrop of a beautiful French sunset in a balmy Autumn evening Then we continued driving for the last leg of our long travel day, finally arriving at the chalet at about 9pm. The first thing we all did was say a loud, enthusiastic "hello" and "Happy Birthday" to Mr Borschmann who had stayed at the chalet over the weekend, and we were all very grateful for his hard laundry work, making sure we were able to settle into our rooms straight away. We quickly unpacked and zipped through the showers before heading to bed; all of us buzzing with excitement for the next 10 days ahead!
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