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Thursday, 18 October 2018

100L - Chalet trip - Day 2

Today we woke up at 7:45 for a yummy breakfast at 8. This had chocolate cereal and much much more. 
The first thing to tick off the list for the day was our french lesson. This was lots of fun with us all learning about the different things in a house and their French names. We also had the occasional translation from Hector which made it very helpful with understanding. 
Following the lesson we had to sort out our groups for the chores which was pretty quick. The best part about this was that we found out three groups didn't have to do anything for the whole day. Apart from these lucky people everyone else did their chores to Madame Parkers standards. 
With the duties out of the way we all got our trainers on and headed off to the park for a football match. This was a close match the whole time with there being no specific winner. Although there does have to be a shoutout too Isabelle H for scoring 6 goals! Rory used his usual silky smooth skills while trying to get past some of the best defending in France.
Lunch was meat, pasta and a delicious tomato sauce. This had fueled us up for an an afternoon of cycling. After picking up the bikes we started the long trek to the lake, luckily this was mainly downhill. 
When we arrived everyone stripped off and quickly rushed for the water. (we had swimmers on underneath) After feeling the water and feeling how cold it was we all became a little bit more tentative but still managed to get in. This was followed by a fun game of volleyball with a mini rugby ball which had ever changing rules but was still really fun. 
We then had to ride back which to everyone's disappointment was mainly uphill. 
Getting back to the chalet we all had a shower and got ready for a yummy tea which was fish and rice. 
Overall today was a fun first day and we can't wait for tomorrow. 
By Bella and Moyo

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