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Thursday, 18 October 2018

100L - Chalet trip - Day 3

Well today was a very beautiful day; where do we start?
This morning we woke up slightly early for breakfast so we were able to finish packing our rucksacks, making sure we had enough water for a full day of hiking. We then set off to our walking destination, first stopping off at Aime to pick up Olivier, our guide for the day.
Continuing up in the minibus to the mountain we passed through the bottom of La Plagne ski fields, Olivier pointed out the bobsleigh track which was used for the 1992 Winter Olympics, how cool? 
A few minutes later we reached the car park where we were going to leave the bus and start our walk up Mont Saint Jacques. 
We were ready to go! But first Olivier gave us some important tips, telling us to start off at a slow pace to make sure we still had energy for the later parts of the walk, especially for when it got steeper. And he was right, at first it was easy because it was downhill but then we started going up a steep part of the mountain and we all got really tired. 
About halfway up the mountain we had a break, we had reached a clearing where there were no more trees, just grassy hills. At this point we were all very hot, peeling off our layers as the sun was out and our shade was gone. 
After our break we started off again, but just half an hour or so later we stopped again for a short break and Olivier pointed out the summit of the mountain, our lunch spot, it looked so far away! 
But not to worry, the last stretch of the ascent went very quickly and before we knew it we had made it to our lunch spot where we were able to enjoy our ham and cheese baguettes with stunning views of Mont Blanc and La Plagne, at 2450m elevation!
About an hour later we finished our lunch break and started our descent back down the mountain. It was hard work at first but when it flattened out a bit we got used to it and it was easier. Mme Parker showed us some wild berries which were very nice, but they had to be red inside, otherwise they were poisonous. 
We got back to the bottom of the mountain quite quickly, hopping into the minibus and saying "Au revoir" to Olivier for our wonderful scenic walk. 
When we got back to the chalet we had a bit of spare time, so we finished our chores, showered and played some more ping pong, it was lots of fun; except for when a ping pong ball went into the neighbours garden, woops! Tea was very yummy, potato, chicken and carrots; delicious!!
We are all exhausted from our long day of walking, but I think the whole form can agree with us when we say that the views were worth it. 
By Kit and Will R

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