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Saturday, 20 October 2018

100L - Chalet trip - Day 4

Today was quite a splendid day. 
As per usual, we started off with our yummy cereal breakfast, followed by our French lesson and chores. We were all ready to head to the park to play some football but then Madame Parker and Mademoiselle Salazar gave us a history lesson and a question we had to answer that required a lot of thought. Finally, once our history lesson was over we got to go to the park, where we continued our game of football from Tuesday. Miles scored a great long range screamer and Frances got a top notch toe-punt. 
At 12pm we walked back to the chalet just in time for lunch; we had diots and crozet pasta, a traditional dish of the Savoie region we were in; it was delicious!! 
After lunch we all drove to Tignes and split off into two groups, one group did outdoor rock climbing while the others went for a peaceful walk in the mountains. Climbing was really fun, firstly we got into our harnesses, helmets and shoes and went around the rocks, practising some free climbing. Then we got started with climbing up the rockfaces, initially it looked quite daunting, but everyone gave it a go; even Moyo and Mme Parker who had both never climbed before. We went up two different rockfaces that both had beautiful views of Tignes. 
The other group went on a stunning walk further up the mountain. We walked past some really beautiful scenery, including huge hills, rivers and some interesting bugs and animals. Monsieur Thomas and Monsieur Borschmann said they saw two wolves, but I didn't see them myself so I'm not 100% convinced. Our final destination on the walk was a huge dam with a gorgeous reflection on the water of the mountains surrounding us. On the way back to the minibus we made our own dam in a mini stream but I think it will only be a temporary dam. We have challenged tomorrow's walking group to build a better dam, so we will have to wait and see what they come up with. 
When both groups had finished our activities we drove back to the chalet and told each other our funny stories from the afternoon. When we got back, we played some board games and ping pong until we had our scrumptious dinner of escargots to start and then a homemade quiche lorraine.
Today was tiring but also very awesome. Can't wait for tomorrow!
By Daisy and Jim

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