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Saturday, 20 October 2018

100L - Chalet trip - Day 5

This morning we woke up at our usual 7.45am and had breakfast in our pijamas. After we had all finished our breakfast we got dressed and had our French lesson with Muriel, today we learnt about all of the different places in Bourg St Maurice. After French, we did our chores and headed to the park again with Monsieur Borschmann. We played a great game of football with lots of goals, but while we were at the park, Daisy and Miles went into town with Madame Parker and Mademoiselle Salazar to buy some essentials of food, clothing and batteries! It was so cool to see how much our favourite store of Super U has changed since we were here in Rems last year. 

At midday we had a yummy lunch of beef casserole with rice and cooked apples, it was very tasty. Monsieur Thomas had been slow-cooking the beef since last night, so it just pulled apart, with a lovely flavour. After lunch we got our rucksacks ready for another afternoon of either climbing or walking, then we headed off to Tignes. 
When we got to Tignes we split into two groups, all of us doing the opposite activity of what we did yesterday. The walking group went on an amazing walk through the countryside surrounded by mountains all the way to 'Lac de la Sassiere' a gorgeous dam to the backdrop of snow-capped mountains and glaciers. Our group managed to spot some chamois high up the mountainside and a marmot right up close! It was very friendly marmot and we managed to get within 3m of it and get some great photos. We also continued building some more dams in the mini streams, continuing and improving from yesterday's walking group. 
The other group went outdoor climbing with Stephane. Today I was climbing and we had a lot of fun! We started off shaky but a lot of us improved as we went through and gained confidence. We also got a lot of inspiration from some other climbers in the area, one of them had recently had an arm amputation in the summer due to an accident and was already back up climbing. By the end of the session almost all of us had reached the top!
After our amazing day we got back to the chalet and played some card games and hide and seek before a classic dinner of steak haché, haricots verts and frites with yaourt à la vanille for dessert. 
And then we all went to bed, thinking about the day ahead...
By Cecily and Rory

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