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Sunday, 21 October 2018

100L - Chalet Trip - Day 6

Today we woke up prepared for another 'normal' day at the chalet, but oh how we were wrong...
After the usual cereal, bread and juice, 15 minutes earlier than 'normal', we tiredly stumbled into the classroom for a fun French lesson. This lesson we hoped had prepared us enough to buy some things in at the market. (if not we were in for an awkward time)
We all excitedly jumped into the mini bus and car ready for a touch of shopping. Heading into town it was really busy so from the start we knew something wasn't 'normal'. After being split up into groups we each had a different thing to buy, for example 2 kilos of oranges. After this we were on our way to get some presents and out of nowhere a big herd of cattle started walking through town. These weren't any 'normal' cattle though because they all had enormous bells around their necks and decorations on their horns. This was awesome to see and especially with it happening right in the middle of town. What was soon beginning to become normal there was of course a spanner thrown in the works. As we walked out of a shop a whole herd of goats ran into another shop! This was extremely funny because the swineherd(owner of the goats) didn't know what to do and started to freak out. 
The eventful morning had made us all hungry so we couldn't wait to tuck into some sausage, pasta and salad. 
The afternoon started out as an enjoyable walk up to a beautiful village where we built a dam in the river and played some football. This of course couldn't be a normal walk to keep in trend with the day, so on the way up we walked past a herd of sheep which were being guarded by two gigantic dogs. They were apparently trained to kill wolves so we were all scared to even look at them! 
By the time we had a splendid dam the sun had disappeared behind the mountain so it was time to head off. Walking back past the fluffy but scary dogs we were on our way. 
Once driving down the mountain Madame Parker's car started to make a weird sssssshhhhhh noise. We of course pulled over to find out that our skill of driving on sharp rocks was impeccable because we had acquired a hole in the tire. This prompted two hours of waiting for the tow truck filled with dancing, eating and singing. It may sound like a waste of time but we all had a really fun time which defiantly made it worth puncturing the tire. 
Arriving back at the chalet we were very hungry and couldn't wait to settle down for a 'normal' tea of salmon, rice and salad. Tea was delicious and ended a crazy day which was anything but normal.
We all didn't expect this jam packed day but had an awesome time riding it out. 

By Isabella H and Miles

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