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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

100L - Chalet trip - Day 7

This morning we all got a lie in of almost 1 hour, since it was a Sunday. We headed up to breakfast and after we finished all of our cereal we had a small treat: pain au chocolat! After breakfast we had our daily french lesson where we learnt about more household items and recapped from yesterday's lesson. 
Following the lesson we completed our chores and had a very relaxed morning, playing football, top trumps, connect 4, reading, or the very noisy but enjoyable table tennis. Just before lunch Daisy's cousins, Freddie and Greta arrived , which was quite exciting. 
Soon after they arrived we had lunch, it was so delicious, roast pork with carrot and homemade potato chips, Monsieur Thomas and the gappies really outdid themselves with the cooking today. For pudding we all got a homemade cupcake that Daisy's cousins brought as it was her birthday last week and they were really yummy; thanks Daisy.
After lunch we all (including Daisy's cousins), went for a walk to La Chal, via the very steep uphill route to Le Berard. We started off walking really steeply with a few people going fast up ahead, then the rest of the group trailing far behind. When we all got to Le Berard at the top we walked through the small villlage on the road and all the way back down the mountain to La Chal, a picturesque little town with a musée de la pomme. We stopped at a little park area here with a small garden, trees, benches to sit on and a small stream running alongside it, it was very pretty. We first drew some pictures of the garden, then of the surrounding houses. After we had all finished drawing we started playing with some of the local dogs, they were extremely friendly. We also had an apple-bobbing competition which was great fun but our faces got really cold. After that we made lots of small dams in the stream but we had to remove them before we left to make sure we didn't disturb the water stream system. 
Once we walked back to the chalet, we all got ready for dinner, having showers and doing our chores, and we had a bit of free time so we got to play some more ping pong and board games. 
Dinner was a very traditional French meal, for a starter we had artichokes with vinaigrette, then our main course of cheese fondue with bread. 
Today was quite a relaxing day which was nice after an extremely busy first 6 days. We are all very excited for tomorrow. 
By Holly and Will K 

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