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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

100L - Chalet Trip - Day 8

We started off the day with a lovely breakfast which was followed by a French lesson. In the lesson we learnt about different shops. 
The drive to Italy was a bit delayed due to us having to muck around with the punctured tire from the other day but we eventually got on the road. The drive up the mountain had incredible views which made the long drive worth it when we reached the park. 
While lunch was being prepared we all played a really fun game called BUMS. The aim of the game was to not make a mistake while juggling a football. If you did then you would have to line up against a wall and everyone tried to kick the ball at your bottom. This gave some of us some very sore backsides but it was all for fun so everyone was in good spirits. 
Lunch was a yummy burger and sausage cooked on the BBQ by Monsieur Thomas.
After lunch we jumped back in the cars and headed up to the start of the walk. It was a short hour walk up to the lake and when we got there the views blew us all away. We split into two groups where one started skipping stones (Ed got 21 in a row!) and the other tried to catch some of the trout (very unsuccessfully).We all had so much fun doing our different things.
Once back at the chalet we had a warm shower and went upstairs to listen to Mr Borschmann's epic playlist in front of the warm wood fire. Overall we had a wonderful day.
Tomorrow holds lots of promise! 
By Ed and Emily

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