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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

100L - Chalet Trip - Day 9

This morning we woke up at our usual 7.45am, having our yummy cereal and bread breakfast at 8am. Then we had our French lesson, where I helped our teacher Muriel with a lot of translating for the rest of the class as I am fluent in French. After our lesson, we did our chores and played some ping pong while Mme Parker and Mademoiselle Salazar started making a banana, plum, and blueberry cake with blueberries we handpicked yesterday at Lago d'Arpy in Italy; what a treat!
At around 10.45am we finished packing our rucksacks and headed off for about an hour long drive to Fort de Tamie in Albertville. When we arrived we enjoyed a delicious lunch of rillette de porc, fromage de brie et concombre on our fresh baguettes from the local bakery. After our picnic lunch we had some running races, Emily was really impressive with her speed. 
At around 2pm we all got kitted out in out harnesses and helmets, ready for our highropes adventure with AcroFort de Tamie. We all started on the green course, getting our bearings with all the rope and carabiner changes and testing out the awesome ziplines. Jim was really impressive, as he had only one arm to use yet he was doing better on the obstacles than some of the rest of us. Most of us did 4 courses; 2 green ones, 1 blue and 1 red, each getting a little bit more difficult. The last challenge of the day was a 300m zipline across the mountain; which I was really nervous about at the start and when I was doing it, it was amazing, we all screamed "100 woconis!". Some of us sang Bon Jovi 'It's my life' as it has become the song of the chalet after Hector has spent the last week singing it aloud to us whenever he has the chance. On the zipline, all the girls managed to get on the platform at the other end and hold on, and none of the boys did; how funny! Back in the car on the way home, Rory and I (Frances) were having an apple fight which was... interesting. Mme Parker was not impressed and we had to clean the car when we got out. 
It was another enjoyable evening at the chalet, with board games, some ping pong and of course a yummy meal of salmon, rice and broccoli. 
We all are quite tired today so I am sure we shall sleep well; bonne nuit!
By Hector and Frances

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