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Monday, 14 May 2018

1st XI v Prestfelde (H) Lost

1st XI v Prestfelde (H) Lost
Presfelde 162-1
Abberley 76
Only once have I accidentally driven over 90mph. A friend had asked if I fancied a go in his sleek, low-slung and very shiny car. We purred through suburbia and on to a dual carriageway, chatting about old times.  Suddenly he broke into the conversation pointing out the speed we were doing. The engine’s tune hadn’t altered, not a hair on my head had turned and we were speeding through the nineties…It was the same with the batting of one of our Prestfelde guests, who scored the smoothest, classiest and most effortless of centuries.
I was delighted with our bowling and fielding. But we bore no threat to a lad who was apparently making his third century of the season. “How can such a small batter hit it so far?” asked one of our wide-eyed bowlers.
Our batsmen were up against it from the off and rather kow-towed to a strong bowling side. It was striking that one Prestfelde player scored more than all the others on both teams put together – such was the class of his performance.
Mr Keeble

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