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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

3rd VIII v The Elms (A) Lost 3-0

3rd VIII v The Elms (A) Lost 3-0

Selection conundrums had plagued my sleep. A night of fretful tossing and turning had been prompted by reliving a moment when one of the players had come to me with an earnest suggestion about who should be dropped in favour of whom. His pride had been dented by my suggestion that if anyone should be dropped it ought to be someone who generally eschewed running…like him.

Such potential machinations proved academic. The Sick Bay was so full of poorly footballers that it had been belching back into circulation children who would have passed as extras in a zombie film. Thus, it was something of a rag, tag and bobtail team that took the field in front of an excited crowd. Birthday boy Rory was captain for the day and proved to be one of our more potent attacking weapons despite the minor unorthodoxy of playing in goal. He also found himself under fire from Fiery-Footed Freddie who unleashed a series of what used to be called pile-drivers when Roy of the Rovers delivered them.

The playing surface was surrounded by a fence through which the ball went from time to time. When this occurred, the subsequent break in play gave the players a chance to catch their breath, while someone had to collect the ball and return it. I am afraid that there were giggles when the birthday boy tried to boot the ball back. Unfortunately, while he was completing a lusty follow-through, the ball rebounded off the fence straight into his face.

Our hosts had an attacking threat in Freddie that we could not match and, gradually, pressure told. The Abberley spirit kept us competitive and the final score was unflattering, but an Elms win was fair. All our determination and one-footed prodding failed to produce more than a handful of real chances to score and, when these presented we lacked the presence of mind to accept them. It was left to the birthday boy to try to score in the Elms’ goal from close to ours. That is only ever successful every now and then…

Mr Keeble

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