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Thursday, 8 February 2018

3rd XI v Winterfold (A) Won 1-0

3rd XI v Winterfold (A) Won 1-0
Although some of our defenders succumbed to the joys of sporadic chin-wags, distracting them from the match (or did the football obstruct articulate discourse?), this was a super team performance overall.
Most of our team ran and tackled tirelessly. They made several hundred attacks and Ryan almost opened the scoring with a powerful shot which nearly knocked the goal over as it struck the right hand post. The Winterfold defence held firm, good spirit and good luck combining to prevent us from scoring – not a new problem for us this term.
Half-time arrived and inspirational tactical oratory – “keep doing what you’re doing” – digested, Abberley continued to mount numerous attacks. Shots flew over. Shots flew wide. Shots bounced off the goalkeeper. Shots bounced off defenders gathered like animated skittles between the Winterfold goal and the ball. Tackles rained in. Attackers advanced towards defenders. Defenders advanced towards attackers. Boots swung to and fro, mostly moving the ball forwards, rarely to any great effect, though, simply because of the number of legs in the way. At times, almost all the players were in the Winterfold penalty area. A single sweep with a large cardboard box would have captured most of them.
Then a cross from Ryan, who was enjoying himself on the right, wormed its way past two attackers and two defenders, all of whom failed to make contact with huge hoofs. The ball had enough energy to find its way to Dan, who now faced the goalkeeper and the gaping goal. His finish was calm, accurate and decisive. Abberley celebrations, not unreasonably, betrayed relief as well as excitement.
Mr Keeble

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