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Monday, 26 February 2018

4th/5th XI v Moor Park (H) Drawn 1-1

4th/5th XI v Moor Park (H) Drawn 1-1

A curious mixture of a fixture saw a hybrid team run out of steam. Our performance featured some keen play and some green play, some muscular precision and some faffing indecision. We were lucky to escape with a draw, hark and, but for Kit, might have lost to Moor Park.

Several  Abberley players were impressive on the day. Harvey led by example, trying to compensate for the fact that several of his teammates were finding the pitch too large for their liking. Dima’s play, both for and against Abberley featured many well-timed and decisive tackles followed by intelligent passes. Harry Thompson had a super game, particularly in the second half, if you focus on his defensive spirit and ignore the fact that he has an unfortunate tendency to kick the ball in the wrong direction. Kit saved our bacon (once with Jimmy’s help) several times with a mix of good fortune and bravery. Two moments live on in the memory: once he attempted to clear the ball and scuffed it sideways. There was no-one from either team all that close by, but Kit’s dynamic effort had lifted him off the ground and deposited him on his backside. As he assessed the situation, attackers began to move forward for the kill. With wide –eyed panic, Kit realised that he wasn’t going to be able to regain his feet in time, let alone prevent  a goal being scored. Fortunately, Dima’s ability to arrive in a timely fashion saved Kit’s blushes.

The second moment followed a courageous save from our goalkeeper. Again the ball ran towards an attacker whose shot was going towards the far corner of the goal. This time, Kit did have time to regain his feet, but only just – he still had his hands on the ground, as well. Luckily, he was pointing in exactly the wrong way because the ball walloped his rear end. The top spin that was thus imparted on the ball threatened to drag it down into the goal but actually it fell harmlessly into the roof of the net.

Both Elliott and Archie played with enthusiasm, but the final result did not flatter our guests, who, man-for-man, were keener to win than we were.

Mr Keeble

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