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Sunday, 15 March 2020

A busy yet relaxed weekend

Report – All-In Weekend

14th and 15th March 2020

We had a very productive and active weekend but also very relaxed. On Saturday, we had a full dress and technical rehearsal for the play that had been brought forward to the start of the coming week. Everyone has been galvanised into action with staff pouncing on the set with paintbrushes as soon as the children are off stage and costumes being hastily put together. The children have been fantastic and have responded to everything that has been asked of them.

As soon as the rehearsal was over there was time to let off steam in the sports hall with touch rugby, football and ricochet or just relax in the day rooms. After tea and tuck shop everyone showered and settled down for an evening of films.

Sunday morning was a relaxed affair with a later ‘breakfast in pyjamas’. The children stayed in their pyjamas in the day rooms until hot chocolate and biscuits at 11:00am. There was then an active period before lunch of swimming, basketball, football, ricochet and also a slot in the IT rooms.

After lunch we all headed outside for games of the ever-popular ‘Capture The Flag’. The Top Year wanted to take on the rest. We had one base on the games pitch by the Tree House and the other by the riding stables and the whole grounds were in use. The boys quickly camouflaged themselves in mud and we had two very exciting and hotly contested games lasting 40 minutes each. In both games, the flag was captured in the dying moments first by Rory D and secondly by Oscar P leaving honours even. We had to abandon the planned fire lighting competition in the woods as the heavens opened. Everyone headed for the dorms for a shower and change of clothes.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the sports hall and ricochet court, the art room making Mother’s Day cards, in the Howe room French skipping or relaxing in the Day rooms. After tea everyone wrote letters home and then some enjoyed a session of meditation with Mdme Duncan whilst the rest relaxed in front of films or played in the day rooms before early beds.

This was a lovely weekend with a real family feel to it. Lots of fun and activity but also time to relax in each other’s company as well.

N Richardson

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