We invite applications from overseas and our international pupils are warmly welcomed to Abberley.

We invite applications from overseas and our international pupils are warmly welcomed to Abberley.

We would ideally like you to visit us to see Abberley Hall for yourself and all that is on offer, but understand that this is not always possible. If you are unable to visit we would be happy to arrange a Skype interview so that you can meet the Headmaster. Please contact our Registrar to enquire about a place and to request a registration pack.

We invite our overseas pupil to sit a short test in English and Maths in order to ensure the children are placed in the correct form group for their ability. We can also offer EAL lessons to children whose first language is not English. For more information please click here.

Abberley Hall is proud of its international outlook and inclusive attitude towards the rich diversity that our overseas pupils bring, and the contribution to Abberley life that they make.

As a full boarding school we offer an extensive programme of evening and weekend activities. We also offer a chaperone service from all airports.

Please do contact the Head of Admissions, Mrs Kirsty Falzon, if you require any support.

Email:  admissions@abberleyhall.co.uk

Telephone: 01299 891 814

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Tier 4 Visas

If your child has a UK or EU passport then they will currently not need a Visa to study in the UK. If they have an EU passport then from January 2021 they will be required to hold a Tier 4 visa. All non EU/UK passports may well need a Tier 4 Visa to study here. To find out please scan through a passport copy for us to check.

Once a place has been offered and accepted and we have received the acceptance deposit, we will instruct a company to help you with the visa process and to issue your child with a CAS number for the visa application process to start, there will be a charge which is added to your bill for this service. Parents must ensure that their child has a valid Visa before they join us. We can provide a collection service for the BRP Card once this is issued.

Mainland Chinese students can contact the school’s representative in Beijing –

Tang Ying (TY) Tel: 0086 13520306613

Email: admin2@eduinuk.org