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Sunday, 2 December 2018

All-in weekend 1st-2nd December 2018

The boarders made mince pies to be enjoyed after the advent chapel service and during an afternoon walk around Woodbury and Walsgrove hills. Saturday afternoon was spent grating apple and squeezing lemons and oranges to make the mincemeat. Sultanas and spices were added before an overnight infusion. We made the pastry and left it in Chef's walk-in fridge to cool overnight. Mrs Symmons and Miss Cook organised a game of bingo. There was time on Sunday morning to roll the pastry before chapel. They didn't take long in the oven. After lunch we left school and went for a walk in the countryside, collecting some more decorations for dorms. Mr Keeble lit a fire after that and we enjoyed a hot chocolate in the woods. There was time for some films before bed.

M Raven

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