Day & Boarding 7-13 years,
Pre-Prep & Nursery 2-7 years.

Abberley Hall is thriving as a full boarding school. The boarding staff are located at the heart of the Boarding Houses with a strong family ethos. As most children do go on to board at their next school, the majority of pupils at the top end of the school are full boarders.


All of the children take their meals in the main house; this allows them to develop mixed friendships within their own peer group, as well as with both the boys and girls in other years.

After evening activities each year group of children move upstairs into their respective Boarding House at different times. After showers, there is time to play a board game or two, listen to a story, watch a film or just spend time with friends before a relaxing period of quiet reading in bed. Once the lights are out, sleep quickly comes because days at Abberley are action packed for children and staff.

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Boys' House

The Boys’ Boarding House is set on the top two floors of the main house so boarding is certainly at the heart of the school. However, heading up the stairs at the end of an action packed day, the mixture of different sized dorms and the common rooms allow the pupils to relax or catch up with friends.

The Boarding House is split into 3 sections according to year group. These areas are then looked after by the Housemaster and Housemistress, in addition to the matrons, male teaching staff and ‘gap’ students. Our resident nurse is also always on hand. The mixture of all of the adults and the boys’ makes for a warm and supportive family atmosphere.

With the regular movement of dorms, the boys have a great deal of fun in the different unique rooms and with a large variety of activities during the week the boys’ house is a happy and lively place, with the boys just being boys!

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Girls' House

The Girls' Boarding House (Yates House) is set away from the main school building giving the girls a sense of having their own space. The house is run by our Housemistress and there are ten dorms that vary in size and a special dorm called ‘The Theatre’ which takes up to twelve girls.

There are two shared common rooms for making snacks, watching television and socialising as well as a quiet snug for reading. Activities and themed evenings are a regular occurrence from pamper sessions to crafts, fashion shows and karaoke, the Girls' House is a fun place to be.

At any one time, there are approximately 35 girls in Yates House meaning that the year groups mix well and the older girls often listen to the younger girls read at night or read to them. 

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