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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Bonfire and firework party report

Report – Bonfire and Firework Party 2016

The conditions were perfect this year for our bonfire and firework party. We had a clear sky and chilly, dry conditions. An impressive and neat fire built by the groundsmen waited for the addition of the three Guys. This was quite an interesting assembly of Guys with a Country farmer in his tweed jacket together with a lamb, created by Harriet and Henry C. On the lamb was sat a storm trooper created by Oliver and Lottie B. At their side leant a bearded Guy with a rocket in his pocket created by Monica M. She was glad to finally remove the effigy from her dormitory as it had been scaring her all week.

The bar for the mulled wine had Mr Scott’s usual attention to detail and a fire was warming the first batch. Music sounded from the PA system and the tables in the marquee were laden with hot dogs, toffee apples, muffins and hot chocolate. The scene was lit with Mr Bartholomew’s lighting tower and an assortment of red tubs, used recently for gathering apples for the apple pressing session in the orchard, were lined up with pin point accuracy on the Flag Pole lawn waiting for Mr Bennett-Tomlin to add his fireworks for the big finale of the evening. The Clock Tower glowed on top of the hill with its lights turned on. Mrs Brocklehurst and Mrs Beswick manned a table with centenary mugs and other Abberley goods raising funds for the Abberley Hall Centenary appeal.

The front gates were shut and visitors started to arrive down the back drive to be parked in an orderly fashion by Mr Joyce. A team of prefects with Mr Bee and Mrs Bennett-Tomlin rattled their buckets to collect donations from adults as they arrived. Children gathered for registration outside the Ashton Hall and donned their glow sticks. Everyone then marched around to the Clock Tower Bank with a team of staff for the festivities to begin. Amelia V, the youngest boarder, had the honour of helping Mr Williams light the bonfire and it soon burst into life and the Guys were consumed.

Children were whistled by year groups to collect their hot dogs, hot chocolate and other treats from Mrs Channing and her team as the adults headed to Mr Scott’s bar for a warming mulled wine. Gradually everyone had their fill and gathered at the edge of the Clock Tower Bank to watch the amazing firework display organized by Mr Sartain and Mr Bennett-Tomlin.

As the last of the smoke drifted away from the fireworks everyone made their way back into school or on their way home. Great fun was had by children and adults alike. It was lovely for staff, Prep and Pre-Prep parents and all other visitors as well as the children to enjoy a perfect evening together.

N Richardson

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