New Headmaster to join Abberley Hall in September 2020
Day & Boarding 7-13 years,
Pre-Prep & Nursery 2-7 years.

You may ask me 'Why?' My reply would always be 'Why not?'

Classics is fun, it is interesting and it offers an adventure across the ages. Yes it is challenging but the
sense of achievement one gains from mastering a tricky piece of grammar or even the Ancient Greek alphabet is akin to a victory upon the sporting field.


Latin and Greek help us to understand the mechanics of language and especially how English works. It also advances many links to Modern Foreign Languages and aides future studies of these.

The rich history offers a much broader insight into Western Civilisation and the heart of our culture. Walk back over millennia and understand our roots, read the first histories and poems, discover how and why wars took place, let your heart soar with the victories of Jason, Hercules, Alexander and despair alongside Hector, Achilles and Penelope. Learn to argue your points like the ancient orators but overall enjoy every moment.
In Year 4 the pupils explore all that ancient mythology has to offer. Latin is introduced in its linguistic form in Year 5 and Greek to the most able form in Year 6.