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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Colts B rugby v King's St Albans Won (6-5)

Colts B v King’s St Albans (H) Won 6-5

This match was every bit as thrilling as the score suggests. Having looked as though we were going to win comfortably, the Abberley team was put in its place by one King’s attacker who had the pace and stamina to run round our defenders five times. Three quick-fire tries brought our guests to just one try down at 6-5. Both sides could have scored in the closing minutes but neither did because of the reserves of determination that both teams displayed towards the end.

Sam had his best game of the season for us, partly because he scored three times but mostly because he showed he could time a pass well, to free up a teammate, rather than tucking the ball under one arm and losing it in contact. John made a solid tackle, Archie, David and Michael all ran well with the ball.

Two moments stood out for me, one to do with being in the right place and the other to do with being in  the wrong place. The first was finding the pencil I had lost the day before. A needle in a haystack job, that. I just happened to walk past it, resting peacefully on the pitch. The second was my cheating, in order to help our defence. As a strictly impartial referee, I should have kept my mouth shut. As a coach, whose reputation, income and professional status depends on results (like Slaven Bilic) and being weak of constitution and moral fortitude, I suggested our three quarters were not in the best position to defend at a scrum during the first half. All of the King’s attackers were on one side of the pitch and all of our defenders were on the other. Despite the fact that I repeated the instruction to look at where the opposition were standing, not one of our defenders moved into a position where he could make a tackle. Far be it from me to suggest that this was a deliberate move by our boys to avoid physical contact, but the ball was passed out to the King’s attackers, one of whom crossed our line unopposed for a try. Moral? Cheats seldom prosper.

The conclusion of the match was breathless, the crowd hoarse and the spirit lusty as we hung on to claim the spoils of victory. Well played, everyone.

Mr Keeble

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