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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Colts B v Beaudesert (H) Lost 4-3

When they were good they were good indeed and when they were bad they were horrid (with apologies to Longfellow). Against Beaudesert, we played a really combative first half conceding the only try against opponents who had won almost all of their matches this season. The Abberley defence was heroic, with Lawson to the fore. Matthew had his best half of the season, making some powerful runs and offloading well.

Although the second half featured some encouraging moments for Tom, and both Lewis and Guy made good ground forward, we regressed (how often has this been said?) to solo runs which generally ended with the loss of the ball. Possibly as a result of this and of conceding a couple of tries, our players began to pick on supposed teammates to criticise them for some perceived error of judgement. Almost inevitably, this loss of team spirit coincided with Beaudesert scoring three tries. We conceded the fourth of the Beaudesert tries to a quickly-taken penalty, which had most of our team with their backs to our opponents as they scored. “They can’t do that!” yelled an irate Abberley player. “Oh, yes they can!” I replied.

Fortunately, we regained our equilibrium quickly enough to score the last try of the game. Well done to Matthew, who before kick-off, I had challenged to score his first try in this game. He was among a number of Abberley boys who put our guests under so much pressure on their own line that they lost control of the ball behind it and Matthew pounced before anyone else could. Curious that he should have asked me at the end of the game what had happened at that point!

Mr Keeble

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