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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Colts B v Bromsgrove (A) Lost 11-4

Salmon come in several varieties. Among them are chum salmon (the friendly ones with wide smiles), chinook salmon (the dark ones with the twin rotating fins on top) and steelhead salmon (whose heads resemble those of NFL players).  Our players found themselves battling against a tumultuous current in yesterday’s match and several of them fought the Bromsgrove onslaught as valiantly as salmon in a David Attenborough documentary.

Dylan, Alex and Lewis swam very bravely. Enthusiastic runners with the ball and scrappers for it, they showed themselves capable of making life awkward for our opponents. However, some were also occasionally guilty of the salmon’s tendency to go it alone.

The outstanding player for Abberley was Guy, though. He, too, was keen in defence but his pace and the elusiveness of his running proved our most potent attacking weapon. Of the types of salmon mentioned above, only one makes the harrowing but ultimately glorious trip upstream on three occasions in the year. This fish is therefore by name and nature the hardest of them all – the steelhead salmon. Guy made the equally arduous trip over our opponents’ line three times for tries. Clearly a hard nut! 

Well played, even those who were more chum than steelhead. We have plenty to work at…


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