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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Colts B v Cheltenham Prep (H) Lost 12-3

Colts B v Cheltenham Prep (H) Lost 12-3

There are times in life when you’re up against it and our boys were really up against it in this match. Harry and Sam responded with courage and determination but their efforts were not supported much by the rest of the team. Others, dominant against less intimidating opponents, were guilty at times of lapsing into passive giggles, sideways running, indecisive tackling and acceptance of defeat.

The Cheltenham team were skilful, fast and strong so there was never much doubt about the final outcome of the match. Michael and David did make an occasional run. They and Archie scored tries, bringing us to within two of our guests before our performance deflated like a poorly-timed soufflé.

Passes were jettisoned, tackles aborted and positional play forgotten. Sam kept battering away at the opposition both in attack and defence. He took some painful blows but carried on regardless. Harry was leading from the front with some lusty charges forward but he was repelled by the sort of tackling (by smaller boys, generally) that we would do well to emulate.

I wonder if our team noted how Cheltenham scored a series of eight unanswered tries. They realised our defence out wide was suspect and passed the ball to their wide men, who often scored without being touched.

Mr Keeble

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