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Friday, 23 November 2018

Colts B v Packwood Haugh (H) Won 7-4`

The ground shook under the feet of one of the Packwood players. More mobile than a single wardrobe, he took a good deal of stopping. It was noticeable that more than one of our team stepped aside to let him pass unhindered, allowing more courageous defenders to check his progress. So clever was Guy at this that he frequently emerged from contact on his feet and with the ball. It was as though he had put his shoulder to the wardrobe door before surreptitiously picking the lock  and removing its contents.

Guy was our outstanding player in attack as well as in defence. He scored two and Lewis four bullish, blinkered tries. However, the try that Ed finished off was the stuff of dreams. Our opponents had the misfortune of putting the ball down over the wrong line and stopping because they thought they had scored. From just in front of our line, we began a passing move that saw the ball go through six pairs of hands and which swept from one end of the field to the other. Having preached the virtue of the early pass with missionary zeal all season and having bellowed a thousand times to the same end, I could have hugged the entire team for demonstrating, if only once, the validity of the ancient maxim.

In fact, the Abberley tackling improved in the second half, ensuring that our guests were unable to put us under any real pressure. Almost inevitably, having established a decent lead, Abberley players developed the myopia (if not egocentricity) which has so often limited our attacking options and insisted on making the solo glory runs that have proved so unproductive this season. In his defence, Lewis did force his way through several times. Cultured? No. Effective on occasion? Certainly!

Mr Keeble

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