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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Colts B v Packwood Haugh (H) Won 7-6

Colts B v Packwood Haugh (H) Won 7-6

What a match! What drama! What a (super-)hero we had in Jackson.

As in all the best super-hero films, a bright start was followed by a reversal in fortunes, before the thrilling climax left everyone feeling buoyant, even the losers! Abberley scored three times before Packwood had even opened the popcorn. This deceptive, but ultimately significant, opening scene did not last long. Our guests fielded The Man With No Name and The Flash. Between them, they masterminded a noble comeback which caught our boys napping…but only briefly. Michael, Archie and David responded with enthusiasm but seemed to be running between rows of seats. They charged to the left and charged back to the right making negligible progress forwards, and giving everyone else cause to zigzag back and forth in their wake, hoping (forlornly) to be tossed the ball.

Two Abberley players seemed to break free of the seats, and made impressive ground up the aisles. One was Will, who enjoyed his best match of his season so far. However, it was Jackson, ripping the girl…err…ball from the evil clutches of the villains, and making dramatic forays into hostile territory, who really won the day. Single-handedly, he scored five of our seven tries and thwarted dastardly Packwood plans time and again.

Mr Keeble

(Today is ‘Super-Hero Day’ at Abberley.)

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