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Friday, 20 October 2017

Colts B v RGS (A) Lost 12 - 5

Colts B v RGS Worcester (A) Lost 12-5

We should have known what to expect. Whilst some of our opponents were warming up conventionally, others were observed taking doses of a bubbling potion from a cauldron presided over by a druid with a very long white beard. Getafix, with an RGS track suit on top of his flowing garments, was accompanied by a tiny figure with a huge blonde moustache and a huge figure, in blue and white trousers, with a tiny dog. (Readers for whom this scene means nothing should hang their heads in shame and order copies of the Giscinny/Uderzo books about Asterix the Gaul for themselves and their children.) 

Within two minutes we were losing by three tries. The potion which had formerly enabled a few Gauls to biff the might of the Roman army, was now ensuring that our hosts were invincible. Small Abberley bodies were tossed aside by marauding opponents, who complemented their physical (and magical) prowess with some beautiful passing of the ball.

Having conceded eight tries in the first half, we were far more successful in the second. Whilst the coach may have claimed that a verbal injection of spirit and strength was responsible, the truth is that the efficacy of the potion had clearly worn off (as no member of the opposition had fallen in the cauldron before the match). Michael, Jackson, Elliott and eventually Archie came to the fore with determination in the loose and some aggressive running. Passing the ball before the tackle was still not strong, but there was some encouraging off-loading to strong support runners. Between them, those boys scored our five tries.

The druid had vanished before the end of the match. There is no truth in the suggestion that his grandson was the RGS outside centre.

Mr Keeble

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