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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Colts B v Warwick Prep (H) Lost 0 - ?

Colts B v Warwick Prep (H) Lost  ? – 0

Fact 1: Water will take the path of least resistance.

Fact 2: I am waiting to see if I have a speeding fine.

The relevance of both of these facts to Saturday’s tryfest may take longer to explain than Warwick’s first half-dozen tries, but here goes:

There was little resistance from a home side which was totally out-muscled, out-skilled and out-played. David and Jackson were two Abberley boys who offered resistance, but this left plenty of paths for the Warwick torrent to take.

This resulted in tries being recorded with the regularity and frequency of a policeman with a speed gun, who was standing on a bridge on the M5 somewhere between here and the Strensham services last week, catching motorists exceeding the limit in the outside lane. The glee with which I imagine him booking a swagbag full of lambs to the slaughter, was matched by that of the Warwick boys, who revelled in a bonanza.

There; in the time it took for you to read that, Warwick had scored the first six of their tries.

Mr Keeble

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