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Thursday, 7 March 2019

Colts C v RGS Springfield (H) Won 6-1

Colts C v RGS Springfield (H) Won 6-1

The Prince by Madness was one of the songs that shaped my youth. The Ska movement, all reggae rhythms, black and white clothes, shiny shoes and attitude struck a chord with the more interesting, thinner youth that subsequently metamorphosed into me. This particular song has an introduction “Buster, he sold the heat with a rock-steady beat” which gives no hint of what is to follow, just like the opening seconds of the match against RGS.

On a surface marginally firmer than the rice pudding with which at least one of our players had gorged himself an hour earlier, the match kicked off. Inside 30 seconds, RGS had scored. Scalpel-sharp down the right, their winger placed a Beckhamesque cross in front of their centre-forward who wrong-footed a helpless Darcey.

Abberley players were stunned, eyes wide and chins on their chests. Gulp! How many more goals would RGS score in the next 39 minutes? One every 30 seconds would mean Abberley losing 80-0. Meanwhile, the triumphant RGS centre-forward retired to his half, confessing “I have never kicked the ball with my left foot before!”

But Abberley Hall Colts C players are made of stern stuff. RGS did not score again largely because of the efforts, not for the first time, of John and Matthew. These two again fought tenaciously, ignoring an occasional air shot and keeping Darcey’s goal protected on all but one occasion. This saw Darcey make a vital save, as an on-rushing opponent unleashed a blazing pile-driver which Darcey’s stationary thigh blocked fearlessly.

At the other end, Lewis occupied the goalhanger’s station without posing more than a symbolic threat. He left it to Josh (3) and Oscar (2), to influence matters with powerful, determined runs and decisive finishes. Oscar almost added another. He was asking whether he should leave the field because of illness when the ball thoughtlessly interrupted our conversation. Brushing aside his discomfort, Oscar took two touches and sent the ball goal-wards. It struck the angle of post and crossbar, with the helpless goalkeeper rooted to the ground, and bounced away harmlessly.

It was fitting that John, so often the saviour of the team in defence, should score the other Abberley goal. A crisp, first-time strike of a ball that had bobbled to him from a corner, buried it in the bottom of our guests’ net. John’s face was illuminated with a mixture of deference and excitement. Great shot!

So, we did indeed enjoy a treat which turned out very differently from the way it had first appeared. Can the coming hockey season be expected to hold such treasures?

Mr Keeble

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