Day & Boarding 7-13 years,
Pre-Prep & Nursery 2-7 years.

We aim to deliver a curriculum that is as broad as possible, without sacrificing high standards of achievement. Our average class size is 10-12 pupils, with a maximum of 16. Most pupils work in their relevant age group and the placement of children into forms is usually done early in the summer term and can be adjusted as we learn more about individual needs.

We constantly review our curriculum and the way we deliver it and are open to new ideas, ready to encourage change that will bring extra educational benefit to the children here. 


At Abberley Hall School we strive to give our pupils the broadest possible curriculum that balances traditional academic rigour, for example through Classical Greek, French from Year 2, and separate sciences taught in an exciting and inspiring way, with modern, relevant and fun courses such as Touch-Typing, drama and STEM. At Abberley we believe that our children should leave with broad horizons – we equip them with the foundation and skills with which to engage confidently and positively with these.

Children of all ages study English, Maths, Science, French, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Music, Art, Drama, Design and Technology, Information Technology and Physical Education; children start Latin at nine years of age.

Recently we have developed a Science Technology, Engineering and Design curriculum to reinforce theoretical learning in Maths and Science with practical application and experience in our workshop; we have also greatly increased our provision for outdoor education.  

More teaching time

Our boarding framework allows us more class time, starting at 8.30am and going on until 6pm four days a week, within which time we include, prep, independent learning and tutor sessions, on top of a full timetable of 13 different subjects. Your child works at school but not at home.

The additional teaching time created through this more flexible approach has advantages in terms of maintaining breadth and depth of study. Older children are able to continue with non-examined subjects such as Art, Design Manufacture, PE and IT, but not at the expense of other subjects. Latin is taught to a high standard and there is time in the curriculum for a second modern language. 

Our pupils are prepared for Common Entrance or Academic Scholarship exams in Year 8, with an outstanding track record on both fronts.