Day & Boarding 7-13 years,
Pre-Prep & Nursery 2-7 years.

The Pre-Prep for Years 1 and 2 share facilities with the Early Years, have their own area within the school and also enjoy the benefits of the expertise of Prep School staff when learning Drama, French, Music, IT or PE.  We aim to create a stimulating environment to develop a love of learning with sound academic skills that will support their learning throughout their school career.

Our ethos is to tailor the education to each individual child.


As the children enhance their skills in reading and writing, mathematics and science, topics such as Toys or Electricity help to make learning more meaningful and memorable.

Teachers assess the children’s progress continually. Any special educational needs can be spotted early on and support will be given where needed. This includes helping the gifted and talented as well as those with particular needs. We aim to keep class sizes to a maximum of 16 children.

Every child reads in school every day. Literacy and Numeracy are covered in the mornings leaving the afternoons for creative and physical activities. We aim to create a stimulating, creative and fun environment where the children develop a love of learning and a range of skills that will be beneficial to them throughout their school career and beyond.

Our beautiful grounds feature a fully-equipped Forest School and classroom sized treehouse run by a qualified Pre-Prep Forest School leader. Class 1 and Class 2 have their own Forest School session every week throughout the school year.

This hands-on approach to learning takes the children out of the classroom to work and play. Where appropriate, lessons are linked to the topics being taught in the classroom.

As research shows, children's motivation for learning and discovery is increased in a natural outdoor setting. This also spills over into increased attention and focus within the classroom.

 -Pre Prep Learning

Class 1

In Class 1 pupils begin the Key stage 1 National Curriculum. During this year Class 1 are introduced to more in depth independent learning. Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art and DT and other areas are taught through topics allowing children to become immersed in a subject and to find relevance in all that they learn. Opportunities are provided for the children to take this learning into their play in role play, games, craft and forest school. Every child begins the day by reading one to one with the class teacher or assistant. Morning lessons are focused on Maths and English whilst the afternoons allow for the more creative and physical activities.

 -Pre Prep Learning

Class 2

Pupils in Class 2 enjoy specialist teaching in French and the violin as a class instrument introducing music reading and what we hope will become a lifelong love of music. Subjects from Class 1 are developed further and the children are introduced to the concept of History and Geography as separate subjects in preparation for the Prep school. Debate, discussion and looking for patterns and links are encouraged to build the foundation for verbal reasoning skills. Time is given to current events ensuring that the children are aware of their place in the wider world. The children are encouraged to become more independent and to set an example to the younger children They interact more freely with the Prep School to make their transition the following year a smooth but exciting one.