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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Gordonstoun Challenge 2019

Gordonstoun Challenge 2019

Day 1

We arrived at 1 pm and had lunch almost straight away after unpacking in our tents and meeting our guides, Oliver, Tchecki and Phoebe. Lunch was described by George as ‘top notch’; there was loads of choice and the pork schnitzel was amazing! After a warm welcome and presentation from the Headmaster, we went to play sport. Later we did some activities about the different services at Gordonstoun. After a delicious supper, we did Scottish country dancing which was hard to pick up but fun when we got the hang of it.

Day 2

We had a really interesting presentation about Round Square in which a wizard tried to do alchemy and traded his soul to the devil for all the wisdom in the World. After that, we went to DT, problem-solving and the pyramid problem which is harder than it sounds. Next, we went over a very high wall and watched a performing arts showcase.

Day 3

We packed for the journey home before having a delicious Scottish breakfast. The rowing machine was next where George and Dylan were very good at rowing; doing 1km in 5 minutes. As our final challenge, we did the big race where we used what we had made in design (2-metre long tubes with wooden handles) to get a ball along to the finish line after getting the ball out of a bucket by filling it with water. Finally, after adding up the points they announced that Abberley had finished second! We were awarded medals and book vouchers!

By Rosanna, Amelia, George, Dylan and Gabriel

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