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Monday, 21 January 2019

Headmaster's Blog #36

The first full week of term has just entered the weekend and one of our new ‘Long Optionals’. It does seem a little early for one of these; I think it was a quirk of the calendar, but be that as it may it will be good to review how the Long Optionals are working later on this year, and whether some adjustments next year might be sensible.

Joseph has got off to a good start and the tunes are being hummed around school and the words will soon be on all our lips, or at least in our ears. What seems like quite a large chunk of my childhood was dominated by the tape of Joseph we had in our car. Eight hour journeys to Scotland up the M5 and M6 were only alleviated by playing that tape again and again. My sisters and I couldn’t get enough of it, though mysteriously one day my father said that the cassette had ‘disappeared’. The whole cast are rehearsing this afternoon, and with no Games today, this still allows for a bit of weekend for the actors. Otherwise our boarders are go-karting and Laser Questing tomorrow and stretching their creative energies in a fashion show later this evening (using bin bags and recycled materials).

The excitement of the week was the arrival of a new group of Chinese students and their teachers from Yinhai Academy, who finished their journey at our front door on Thursday evening. We are developing a good link with this school from Qingdao, who also visited in October. Their pupils are impressive, keen to learn and have loved immersing themselves in our routines. This group is younger and have joined our Form 2 and Remove forms. It is a great chance for our own pupils to build relationships with children from China and to start an awareness of this most important region of the world and begin to understand their culture. I hope a return trip is not all that far away.

Sport has got off to a cracking start with a good deal of success in both the netball and football matches last Wednesday and the Saturday before that. The u13A girls managed to beat Moor Park, though they almost threw away a strong lead in the end. The footballers were against Packwood this week and our 1st XI lost by a goal in the dying seconds, after playing some good football – very frustrating; but the 2nd and 3rd XIs kept our honour high. The Colts teams are also bursting with potential and spirits are high. If we can develop over the course of the term, as we did in the autumn, I will be thrilled.

The other piece of news is that a new school bobble hat is nearly with us. I love a good bobble hat and I only hope these are here in time for the cold weather. Given that we have had a few flakes of snow this week, I am glad that I checked the school bees last weekend after Chapel. In fact during the service we were treated to seeing one of the first ever England Rugby International caps. Mr Foulds from Rugby School, kindly brought it to show us while he addressed Chapel and made the pertinent and valid point about the energy one can derive from being part of a team. The good news on the bees is that both colonies that went into the winter are still alive. We added some fondant to one of them as a precaution, though their levels of stores seemed decent. I just hope that we can get through the winter without either of them dying.

The 100s have their exams next week, so a quiet weekend of revision is in order; good luck to them. I suspect that their exeat will be all the sweeter when it arrives.

Will Lockett, Headmaster

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