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Monday, 4 February 2019

Headmaster's Blog #38

I will try hard not to write my entire blog about being ill – as I have been for over a week now, and I can’t pretend that it hasn’t dominated things. As one of the least sympathetic types when it comes to being ill (probably because I have been lucky not to suffer from hardly any illness in my life), I have been feeling rather sorry for myself, and have definitely not been firing on all cylinders – very frustrating and inefficient!!

So in between coughing and spluttering I have just about noticed that it has been a cold week outside, though we somehow escaped the heavy snowfall that has struck elsewhere. I can’t say I am disappointed – last year more than satisfied any craving for snow, and the issues that it raised I am not in the mood for right now. We did have fairly adverse conditions on Tuesday afternoon, when we were hosting a mini-football tournament with Hereford Cathedral School and King’s Hawford. It wasn’t just the snow, but the wind too, that made it challenging to be a spectator that day. The children were magnificent, despite the increasingly slippery surface they were trying to play on, and luckily for Abberley our games finished first and our teams could head for cover early. One or two of the visiting parents were rather surprised that we hadn’t cancelled, but I did point out that we had a reputation for never cancelling.

RGS Worcester pulled the plug on our Saturday fixtures for the u13 football teams, which was a real shame, as it was in fact a rather beautiful, sunny afternoon. At least I could concentrate on the u11 hockey home fixtures vs Elms, which were competitive and fun to watch. We lost the A game and won the B game, but more important, it was great to see the skills and an understanding of the game developing fast – not bad considering the boys have only had three training sessions this term so far.

The other excitement of yesterday afternoon was the delivery of three new Serama hens – all beautifully neat with different markings. With the help with a few of the boarders, we settled them in their new cage, found plenty of hay for their hutch and left them to a rather cold first night at Abberley. Thanks to Joyce for sharing some of her brood with us. I hope they fare rather better than the peacocks did.

Mr Richardson excelled himself as usual organising the Abberley Relays today. The snow in the Cotswolds meant we were missing some big teams – Pinewood, Cheam and Beaudesert, but nonetheless there was a good turn out and a super atmosphere. The ground underfoot was slippery, but the skies stayed dry and the competitors all did brilliantly. I was so proud of the Abberley runners – it takes a lot of guts to run in a cross-country relay team, with a large crowd watching, over a hilly and demanding course. I think Abberley came 2nd or 3rd in almost every category and I was thrilled to see them all trying their hearts out. Cross-country running is all about character and our pupils showed bags of it today.

Will Lockett, Headmaster

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