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Sunday, 24 February 2019

Headmaster's Blog #40

Half Term Blog

Although it is dangerous to say it out loud, one has to admit that this week has felt an awful lot like spring and that the prospect of snow and a return to winter seems very unlikely. How short-sighted we are as humans! We live in the moment and very few of us indeed are more like the ant than the grasshopper; seeing is believing; the daffodils are breaking out into flower; pussy willow is beginning to bud; the birds clearly think that Spring has arrived; and it is undeniable that the days are getting longer, and at both ends. Yesterday, in Herefordshire at least, was more like summer than spring.

When uncertainty abounds one’s natural reaction is to focus on what is in front of you and not trouble to look too far ahead. Well, that is pure pleasure right now; what a contrast to the news: a woodpecker in nearby woods, coal tits singing to their hearts’ content; the honey bees are flying busily – I should know, but don’t, what if any forage is available for them right now. I daren’t look at the long range forecast – a cold snap will play havoc with nature’s cycles.

I have to admit that after a glorious week like this it is going to be hard to drag oneself back to school and reality. I know that once we have started again the usual energy and purpose of the place will sweep one along, but the change takes a bit of gritting one’s teeth and getting on with it!

It is going to be straight back into the thick of things with our new Director of Marketing and Admissions, Catherine Forbes, starting, and an Open Morning planned for our first Saturday back, 2nd March – I hope the sun is still shining then. The North Worcestershire Hunt is meeting in front of school this coming Wednesday, 27th February, which will be a new and exciting event and quite a spectacle. The performances of Joseph are not all that long away either, and although spirits were very high before half term and a great deal of positivity was emanating from the cast and directors, performance night does bring its own tension. I can’t wait!

Speaking of performances, the Form 1s were outstanding in their production of Richard III on the eve, or afternoon, of half-term. They had to learn a goodly number of lines, and show a real appreciation of the importance of timing when delivering the large number of jokes. They looked fabulous and the back drop of the flags set the stage. For ones so young they exuded confidence and clearly enjoyed their performance as much as we in the audience did. There is masses of talent in that year group; I wish I had had their self-belief at their age.

We have three more candidates away this week attempting scholarships, both academic, art and Design Technology – lots of luck to them. Hard work and talent are a strong team, but hard work plays the bigger part in the long run and is never wasted, whatever the result.

With the sun shining and the birds singing, dare I say it, I feel optimistic. The second half of term will fly by, I know, and now that the Clock Tower chimes have been mended, time seems to be passing even faster than usual. It will be the Easter holidays before we know it.

Will Lockett, Headmaster

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