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Monday, 20 January 2020

Headmaster's Blog #49

It has been a big week for the Locketts, announcing their departure from Abberley at the end of the Summer Term this coming July. It was not without some sense of sadness that I told the staff rooms, support staff, and later on the children themselves. We love this school, it is a special place, a really tight community, a fabulous ethos of ‘can do’, ‘will do’. But enough on that topic.

I am typing this looking over the top of my laptop at the most delicious sunset out towards the Black Mountains; deep tangerine. This year one has gained a sense of what it would be like if we only had sparkling, clear days, with blue skies, starry nights and a crisp edge one in a hundred; we would really treasure them. It was a thought that occurred to me as I ate a singularly sweet orange at lunchtime too. We should not take such things for granted, just because they occur more than once in a blue moon. They are in themselves experiences that make life wonderful, whenever we are lucky enough to enjoy them.

We have had another full and fun week starting with a visit from Yin Hai Academy, 15 pupils and two members of staff, who arrived on Monday evening, including three pupils who visited last year too. Chinese has been spoken and the numbers 1 – 10 learnt by the Shells. We have been grateful for our old boy, Leo, who is one of the new gang of Gaps, helping with translating such vital phrases as – “Please get into your pjamas now”, “No, I mean it, please get into your pjamas now and go and brush your teeth”, “Hurry up, it’s bedtime”, “Hurry up”, “Good night”.

Speaking of our new Gaps, they have made a most impressive start – passing their Life-saving training and exam (a ritual initiation tradition they are thrown into as they step off the plane); still smiling broadly; running a carousel of Aussie activities on the first Saturday night of term. They will be looking forward to the first exeat of 2020 next weekend, I have no doubt.

They won’t be the only ones. It has been a full-throttled start to term, lots of matches, lots of mud, lots of scholarship assessment days, exams looming for some, interview practice, swimming galas, production rehearsals, Patrol Music to prepare for, LAMDA lines to learn. I have a strong feeling that time is going to fly by.

If the weather can stay dry for more than the occasional few hours, we will keep our smile, as well as this pace, but as I came back from putting some more fondant on the school bees this afternoon, I did feel quite a strong yearning for the Spring; one can but hope. And quotation for the week: the price of wisdom is above rubies. (Job,xxviii,18)

Will Lockett, Headmaster

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