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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Headmaster's Blog Autumn Term 2017 - Week 5

A short week, a short blog.

We are already at our second exeat of term though this one feels slightly more necessary than the first one. The Open Morning last weekend was lots of fun and had a real buzz about it, but inevitably preparing for these days soaks up a good deal of energy. Staff and pupils have been on good form, and cracks have not started to appear, but nonetheless everyone needs some time off; taking a break before people get scratchy is good practice, and this is true for both pupils and staff. Speaking for myself, a long drive down to Cumnor House, Sussex, yesterday for an Oxford Group meeting made me feel more than ready for a quiet weekend. I thank my lucky stars that I am living in Worcestershire and not in that part of the world: log jams on the M25, M23 and M4 are par for the course; there just seem to be so many people densely packed into those parts. I am sure it makes filling your school a lot easier, but I would not swap it for our hill top paradise.

Mrs Lockett gets back from the Alps later this evening, and I suspect she will be even readier than me for some downtime. 100B have had a super time, by all accounts: zip wiring, beautiful Italian lakes, climbing and the fresh air of an autumn in the mountains. I hope some authentic Haut Savoie charcuterie makes it back too.

This Tuesday we had our first Tuesday Club of the term. The fact that it was on a Tuesday threw everyone a bit, and history does not relate when it last took place on a Tuesday, but it was a most worthwhile evening. OA (2012), Ollie Hodges, returned to give us some concrete advice on how best to achieve your dreams. His youthful energy and directness was refreshing and inspiring, and that was to an old has-been like me – I am sure the pupils found him even more so: physical activity; positive, focused thinking; positive language. His analysis of successful people has distilled out these as the essential elements found in every example, and I wouldn’t disagree.

Without further ado, I’m off to Offa’s Dyke for a walk and a blast of fresh air. It will be Sunday evening before we know it.

Will Lockett, Headmaster

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