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Monday, 8 January 2018

Headmaster's Blog Spring Term 2018 - New Year

Well it has been quite an eventful holiday at Abberley on the weather front. We finished term, you may remember, with the snow falling fast and it continued to do so for the rest of that weekend. By Monday morning we had a foot and a half lying deep and heavy over everything and the front drive was not really passable, particularly with a large cedar limb lying across it at the bottom near the Front Lodge. The Gaps were due to go off to London on the first leg of their homeward journey back to Australia, the Locketts were due to disappear off to Cumbria; plans would have to adjust to recognize the circumstances.

Let’s not forget the upside to all this. The place absolutely stunning, the snow was the magical sort that was light and ‘dry’. It was our fourth winter at Abberley and up until now we had hardly seen a flake of snow, so it was very exciting. Our own children could not get back from their school until a very kind friend came to the rescue with his Landrover and returned them, Landy packed to the gunnels. Once back at Abberley it was not long before a snowman was built and the tattered remnants of any sledges that could be found were put into action. In fact the snow was too good for really good sledging; it was too deep, but that did not stop us trying. Mr Scott’s chainsaw was borrowed and put to good use to clear the drive and Tony prevailed upon a neighbour of his with a tractor and snow plough to clear the drive. Mr Scott and Mr BT came to the Gaps’ rescue and a cold ‘cut and run’ for the train station at Oxford was embarked upon – successfully I am pleased to report. We cancelled our trip north and decided just as much fun, and possibly more, could be had in Herefordshire and Worcestershire as in Cumbria, and without a perilous 4 hour journey each way. All in all it was a fun and exciting start to the holidays.

A second snowfall just before New Year made life a little exciting for the group hiring the school over that period. However, again, two of the grounds men, Mick and Neil, came to the rescue and gritted the drive so that the coach could get up to the school. The whole site looked absolutely fabulous under snow and in the sunshine, and we were lucky to get away with only minor damage from the various weather extremes: some broken branches, a few new potholes, the roof of one of the sheds next to the Astro lifted up and not put back right (!) by the high winds just before the start of term.

Will Lockett, Headmaster

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