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Monday, 15 January 2018

Headmaster's Blog Spring Term 2018 - Week 1

Week 1

It is not anyone’s favourite time of year to return to school. We have all had good, long holidays with lots squeezed in, including seeing family, travelling, and for the 100s probably some revision. Nonetheless another week would not go amiss. Where did that time go? It is cold and dark and the warm embrace of one’s sofa, family or bed is very hard to relinquish. Particularly, I think, for those who only started boarding in September, coming back in January is hard and it is not unusual to feel rather flat and gloomy.

That being said there was very little evidence of that on the first night back for boarders – a palpable buzz and chatter filled the building and we were off to a flying start.

It does not take long for time to change from ‘rather slow’ to ‘hyper drive’. I think that happened for me some time on Wednesday. The holiday rust must have fallen off by then and the business of term takes over. Sporting optimism is riding quite high, and the first outing for the boys, to Winterfold in a 6 a-side tournament, was most encouraging. They lost to only one team, Beaudesert, who were a cut above the rest by all accounts, and came in second position. This was followed up by an exciting fixture at home yesterday against Moor Park. Despite Moor Park fielding a huge and skillful goal keeper, after hitting the post at least three times, Ed scored a blinder down the right wing, and got the season proper off to a winning start. The girls were not to be outdone either. They have come out of the blocks looking mightily determined and both the u13 As and Bs passed quickly and with precision to record two strong wins over Christ’s Brecon. I need to catch up on the other results, but judging by Games on Friday afternoon the Abberley children are ‘in the mood’.

It was a treat to start term with a Lunchtime Concert on the first Friday of term. As is always true we had a range of ages and instruments performing, from a trio of Remove girls playing something they had developed themselves during Practice Time, to a super Beethoven piano solo; a salve to the soul.

One of the highlights of my week was my Scottish Reeling activity on Friday evening. If I am honest I was a little downcast when Mr Richardson broke the news to me that only three people had signed up for Reeling. There aren’t many reels for just three and I thought we might have to abandon the plan. However, one should never doubt the Abberley spirit and when it came down to it 3 turned into 25, and with the addition of some press-ganged gaps and Mrs Lockett the Front Hall was packed with wannabe reelers. The required CD was found and it was not long before The Dashing White Sergeant was being attempted, with varying degrees of success, hilarity and grace. HUGE progress was made in the short time available; no-one was injured; boys still prefer dancing with boys; girls giggle a lot; Mr Lockett has big feet; next week is a new chapter, but Strip the Willow looks like a good option from where I am getting my breath back. In summary it was mad but fun.

This term is going to go by very fast I think. A lot of the pupils have a lot on: scholarships of all shapes and sizes – academic, drama, music, sport, DT are happening all over the place. Rehearsals of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe have begun in earnest. The South Africa Trip is not all that far away and thoughts are being cast in that direction too. And I haven’t even mentioned the exams for the 100s.

Hold on tight!

Will Lockett, Headmaster

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