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Monday, 26 February 2018

Headmaster's Blog Spring Term 2018 - Week 6

Headmaster’s Blog – Spring Term 2018 – Week 6

It really is quite an unusual winter we are having. The ice on the ponds has stayed frozen all day today, but we have been bathed in the most gorgeous sunlight too. The media are predicting temperatures to drop even further tonight and later on this week, with another bout of snow. It certainly is most definitely still winter; Spring has not yet come out to play.

In chapel this morning I must admit to being rather envious of the two girls sat in the pew nearest the organ. They had the benefit of being close to the extra electric heater, Milada, our organist has on beside her. I have not checked whether this special privilege is in order to ensure that the organ works or the organist, but Scarlet and Nell were the beneficiaries today and they at least might have had some feeling in their hands by the end of the service unlike me. I had to fall back on singing the hymns as vigorously as possible, the last of which, number 606, lent itself rather well to this exercise. The choir were as reliably strong as ever, and venturing into new parts of the repertoire. They are a joy to hear and I never cease to wonder at the standard they achieve. A great deal of hard work and rehearsal goes into this and they get a great deal back from it, but they certainly deserve all the credit they are given.

Yesterday we had our Spring Term Open Morning, which had a super vibe to it. Several super families came and looked around, including one family who had come all the way from Hong Kong. The sun shone and our 100s pupils did the school proud. Year in year out our pupils and particularly those acting as guides at our Open Days are the best advertisement for Abberley. As I say to prospective parents, judge a school by the pupils in it. Certainly again everyone I said good bye to spoke about how impressed they were by their pupil guides. Several families also talked about how they had been struck by the warmth and loyalty of the staff they had met. That comes as no surprise to me. I know how lucky I am and the pupils are to have the staff who work here. They work incredibly hard and always put the pupils first. All in all it was a busy and morning with a great buzz. We finished off this term with a mixed Dramatic and Musical performance from a few pupils. Again, we did not cherry pick our most advanced performers, but had a range of ages and pieces. They were fantastic, funny and utterly ‘Abberley’.

Out on the pitches and courts the U11 girls, when Pinewood finally arrived (thwarted first by the roads and then our tight gate) played very well indeed. The As won and the Bs could have done, but tailed off in the last quarter. Nonetheless they are playing quick and exciting netball and are certainly eager for this week’s IAPS tournament at Millfield. The boys were up against Moor Park and I loved the competitive u11 matches – really high skill levels; a win and a draw. We also drew the 2nd XI fixture, which included some super performances from players who stepped up this week – Harry and Elliott and Archie, to name just three.

Well it is back to school with a bang. It may be cold but we are flying pell mell towards the end of term. Final Mock CE exams this week, rehearsals for The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, ramping up fast, rugby 7s, First Aid courses for parents and Life-saving too –oh and some report writing for staff. Must fly…

Will Lockett, Headmaster

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