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Monday, 19 June 2017

Headmaster's Blog Summer Term 2017 - Week 8

We kicked off with a Chapel service where prayers were spoken for our pupils about to take important exams and our thoughts were very much with those in London suffering and dealing with the atrocious, terror attacks in Borough Market the night before. Duncan Fowler-Watt talked to us about his own last minute exam preparation and how altruism had rescued him from a desperate situation the night before his English A level.

The mood sombred on Monday morning, and minds were quite clearly very much on the task in hand. The weather changed to follow suit and having had weeks of good weather, it suddenly became very wet and rather cold. I suppose if you have to have a wet week, exam week is not a bad one to choose.

All the pupils did very well indeed, not only the Top Year ones, throughout the week. They tackled their tests and exams with purpose and calmly and more or less with smiles. This is exactly the right approach, to keep things in perspective and do your best, hopefully after some appropriate preparation. We need to remember that our pupils are still very young and taking school exams is a learning process, preparing for the more serious ones to come later on.

Common Entrance has been shifted to start on a Tuesday rather than a Monday this year. This shifted everything back a day and meant that almost as soon as the exams finished we broke up for half term. Everyone was certainly ready for it, after a long first ‘half’ of term. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to relax properly without having to worry about work at all. The last three weeks of term should be great fun: we have our Co-curricular week again, when everyone comes off timetable; there are two plays to look forward to, from the Shells and Form 2s; the Tea on the Lawn centenary celebration; lots of cricket; and of course the Parent/Pupils Sports Day and Arts Exhibition on 25th June. It will be the Summer Holidays before we know it.

Will Lockett, Headmaster

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