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Monday, 8 May 2017

Headmaster’s Blog Summer Term Weeks 2-3

I am late with my blog this week. I missed the moment at the weekend, I’m not sure why, perhaps because it was a bank holiday for the rest of the world. Anyway, be that as it may, having failed to write on Sunday, I have been desperately failing to find another moment to put pen to paper. Luckily, on the eve before exeat, while the council elections are being conducted, on a beautiful sunny evening, I have found half an hour to write up last week and may as well do this week too.

Last week disappeared for me more quickly than usual as I spent the whole of one day out of school as the guest of Cheltenham College receiving Media Training. God forbid I ever have to put it into practice, but we were learning how to respond to being interviewed on camera in the face of some disaster – school party is held hostage in Paris; minibus has had a dreadful crash; and so on. It was pretty much as toe-curling as one would imagine, something one would hope is never necessary, but it was certainly an eye-opener.

I have really been enjoying the cricket this term. We have been blessed with dry, if not warm, weather, and there have already been block fixtures against Bromsgrove, Prestfelde, Moreton Hall, Packwood and Cheltenham College. I have been extremely impressed at the quality of cricket being played, not only by Abberley, but also our opponents. The 1st XI Boys have had two famous victories, where they kept their heads in difficult situations and ended up winning through and quite comfortably. The Girls are looking on top form too: a big win vs Moreton and I was extremely proud to see so many of the girls playing in mixed sides yesterday vs Cheltenham College. There were at least two girls in the 2nds, 3rds, 4ths and 5th XI, and they more than held their own. This is the taste of things to come, and it seems to me to be quite right that teams are picked on merit rather than gender. The younger teams are also showing some impressive form, even if their results have gone both ways. When cricket is played well it is a very exciting and interesting game to watch and play. Most of the fixtures have gone to the final over or so, which is a testament to the organisers getting it right and good coaching on both sides, not to mention the developing skills of the players.

The big news today is that Abberley once again has peacocks!! I am thrilled to bits that we now have five peacocks in the grounds. A huge thank you must go to the Orchards, who have very kindly given us our new start, as well as putting up the pen required to get them used to their new home. The groundsmen are more sceptical than me, it must be said, but I cannot wait to see them strutting around the grounds again, to hear them calling loud and proud early in the morning on a summer’s dawn, and the boys spreading their tail fans in all their imperial magnificence.

We had great fun with Sir Link-a-Lot, and thank you to those parents who came in to find out for themselves the linking techniques which were being espoused. The pupils found him very good fun and everyone learnt something – sausage is the best spelt word in the school right now!

The first Chalet trip has been and gone; they returned yesterday evening, tired but very happy. The next crew leave on Monday morning with much anticipation. Lucky them. The rest of us are rather more focused on exams, especially the top year. Our Shrewsbury scholarship candidates have just finished their ordeal and we await the outcome with baited breath.

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