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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Lunchtime Concert 9th March

On the 9th March we presented our fourth and final Lunchtime Concert of this term.

It was a very varied and hugely enjoyable programme. All the children performed really well and to a large and very appreciative audience bringing to a close this terms’ series of highly successful Lunchtime Concerts.

The programme was as follows :-

Percussion Ensemble (Henry A, Harry G & Bill H) got us off to a great start with a vibrant piece called ‘Fresh Trash’ by E. Argenziono

Scarlett W gave a jolly performance on the piano of ‘Setting up exercises’ by    J. Thompson

Daisy C made us listen as she gave a splendid performance of the tricky ‘Entertainer’ by S. Joplin on the Acoustic Guitar

Back to the piano as Bea S gave a firm, rhythmic and solid performance of ‘Gospel Flair’ by M. Schmitz

The Flute Ensemble (Molly A, Charlotte B, Hattie J, Emily J, Emily K, Lysander M-E, Araminta O, Poppy R & Immy T) gave an enchanting performance of  ‘Frére Jacques’ as a round

Lana K played ‘The Rodeo’ by J. Schaum on the piano with lots of bounce and flair

Anabella G gave her debut in these concerts with an assured performance of the ‘Royal Procession’ by A. Bullard

Unplugged (the Acoustic Guitar group of Daisy C, Cecily H &  Beth T) played two short pieces on their guitars ‘On the bridge of Avignon’ and ‘In the Moonlight’ adding a gentle moment to the proceedings

Poppy P bounced through a toe-tapping account of ‘Bandstand’ by P. Hall on the piano

Meadow P sang a fantastic performance of ‘Let him go, Let him tarry’ with a real sprightly feel, crystal clear words and beautiful tone

Back to the piano and Scarlet S enjoyed playing ‘Dans la forêt lointaine’ with a smile on her face after completing her Grade 1 the other day and

Cellini (the ‘Cello group of Anastasia E, Freddie T&  Frances T-T)  got us thinking of sunnier parts of the world with a jolly and sunny account of ‘Twinga Layo’                              

The School Musical Production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe will take place on Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd March at 7pm and Friday 23rd March at 2:30pm.  We look forward to seeing you!

Thank you to all the performers who have worked so hard and have given so much pleasure over this term and to all those who have supported this series of Lunchtime Concerts.

“A real treat in the middle of a busy day”.

The next Lunchtime Concert is next term and we look forward to seeing you!

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