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Friday, 10 November 2017

Lunchtime Concert Friday 10th November

On Friday 10th November we presented the third concert in our Lunchtime Concert series. It was slightly chilly and windy outside with hazy autumnal sunshine, but it was all warmth and summer sunshine in the Ashton Hall for just over 24 minutes! This was a really fantastic and varied concert given by fourteen pupils where performance levels were consistently high and they played to a large and appreciative audience of pupils, staff, parents, grandparents and friends.

The programme was as follows :-

Kitty B got us off to a splendidly confident start with her own composition ‘Repeating Patterns’ on the Drum Kit, which got our feet tapping and excited for what was to come.

Lewis L kept the dancing theme with a lilting performance of ‘Ballet Dancer’ by J. Thompson on the piano

Jessica A made us feel as though the sun was shining even more with her cheerful rendition of ‘L’homme Armé’ on the violin                          

Scarlett W made her piano debut with an authoritative and noble performance of ‘The Bells ring out’ by J. Thompson.

Matilda M made her singing debut with ‘Blow away the Morning Dew’ and sang with a lovely warm tone and clear words

Anastasia K then played a rhythmic and dance-like performance of ‘Waltz in G’ by B. Smetana on the piano. Although her memory faltered at one point, she kept her poise and got to the end with a smile.

We all hugely enjoyed Sophie G’s interpretation of ‘What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor’ on the Violin which she played with lots of vigour and a good tone.

Poppy P kept us listening with a pretty performance of ‘Dance of the scaley lizards’ on the piano whilst her fingers danced through C major scales.              

We enjoyed Kit C’s performance of ‘Lilliburlero’ by H. Purcell on the Clarinet, filling the hall with a super sound.

Lewis L was back again but this time on the violin with a striking performance of ‘Minuet’ attributed to J. S. Bach

Leo W gave an arresting performance of ‘Prelude VII’ by C. Norton on the piano, the complexities of which rattled flawlessly around the hall and then the Percussion Ensemble (Henry A, Harry G & Bill H) got our feet tapping and mesmerized us with an ebullient performance of ‘Perc Quirk’ by H. Bool for timp heads and sticks.

‘Well done to all the performers’.

The next Lunchtime Concert is on Friday 1st December at 1:40pm

We look forward to seeing you!

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