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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Lunchtime Concert Friday 12th January

 We presented our first Lunchtime Concert of this term and this New Year. This was a most enjoyable programme, buoyed along by oodles of enthusiasm from our clever performers who all performed to a high standard, rose to the occasion and lifted our spirits on a dull, murky and chilly day.

The programme was as follows

Molly A, Annabella G & Lana K had excitedly made their own group between them and had transcribed ‘The Bells Ring Out’, a well-known piece by Beethoven, for two flutes and piano. It was a most delightful way to start this series of concerts. We were also treated to a repeat due to the late arrival of a parent!

Matilda M followed by playing ‘Sing, Bird, Sing’ by A. Bastien on the piano with real sensitivity.

Olivia H played her recorder beautifully with a splendidly bouncy account of ‘Jugglers’ by B. Davey

Scarlett W gave a graceful and tender performance of the ever-popular ‘The Ballet Dancer’ by J. Thompson

Lysander M-E gave a mesmerising and unaccompanied performance of ‘Men of Harlech’ on the Glockenspiel playing with a great touch and super accuracy

Sebastian H gave a cheery and solid rendition of ‘Old MacDonald’ on the Piano

Poppy R sang a soothing, well projected and lovely account of ‘Path to the Moon’ by E. Thiman

Rachel E made our feet tap with a rhythmic and carefully balanced performance of the tricky ‘German Dance’ by L. van Beethoven

Immy T brought the concert to a brilliant climax with a wonderfully secure and musical interpretation of a ‘Minuetto’ by A. Scarlatti

 The next Lunchtime Concert is on Friday 2nd February at 1:40pm We look forward to seeing you!

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