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Monday, 15 May 2017

Lunchtime Concert Friday 12th May

Lunchtime Concert 12th May, 2017

On the 12th May we presented our second Lunchtime Concert of this Summer/Trinity Term. The Inspectors had gone(!) and there was palpable relief all around. However, staff and pupils shared tired faces and we needed something to lift our spirits. Well, this was the concert that did that with a predominantly younger set of pupils performing a splendidly varied programme, which was beautifully executed, was listened to and much enjoyed by a large and appreciative audience

The programme was as follows :-

Bill H got us off to a rhythmic start with his usual gusto playing ‘Belfast to Peru’ by A. Double on the Drum Kit.

Violet B gave a gently noble performance of J. Thompson’s ‘Mountain Climbing’ on the Piano creating a lovely sound from the instrument.                                               

Harry A-J followed with a splendidly sonorous performance of ‘Romanza’ by T. Davoren on the Trumpet.

Matilda M gave a wonderfully assured and rhythmic performance of ‘The Dancing Bear’ by J. Thompson on the Piano.

Frances T-T gave a delicate performance of the traditional Congolese tune ‘Banaha’ by on the ‘Cello, creating a very mature sound.

Lana K followed by playing a confident account of ‘The Sphinx’ by J. Schaum on the Piano.

Aggie W plucked up every ounce of courage she had to sing a beautifully tender account of ‘Ride on a Rainbow’.

Molly A then gave an assured and highly enjoyable performance of a duet ‘March’  by P. Wedgwood with ‘guest artist’ Louisa M-S. I found it very touching to see a pupil from the top year encouraging a younger pupil to play so well.

Isabella K got our feet tapping with a marvellously ‘boppy’ performance of ‘Bah-Bah-Dooh-Baah’ by J. Kember on the Piano.

Harry G gave a gentle and rhythmic account of ‘Squibnocket Waltz’ by R. Salmins on the Drum Kit.

Leo W intricately played one of his exam pieces, ‘Praeambulum’ by J. Krebs on the piano, showing us that Maths and Music are not too far removed and tackling the many challenging corners of the music with alacrity.

Isabella H gave a highly enjoyable and extremely musical performance of ‘Over the Rainbow’ by Arlen & Harburg , again, tackling some tricky technical challenges with aplomb and then

James B & Oliver N brought the concert to a hugely successful conclusion by singing ‘Tandem’ by A. Simmons which was most obviously enjoyed not only by this effervescent double act but by all in the hall letting us leave with smiles on our faces and spirits lifted high!

The Grand Summer Concert is on Friday 26th May at 11:00am

The next Lunchtime Concert is on Friday 23rd June at 1:40pm

We look forward to seeing you!

M. Schellenberg

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